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EpiSwitch CST

EpiSwitch CST

EpiSwitch® Covid Severity Test (CST) - An advanced test for understanding your individual risk of severe illness due to COVID-19.

EpiSwitch CST is the first and only commercially available blood test to predict COVID-19 severity in ANY adult, independent of COVID-19 status.

Understanding the risk of a severe immune response and the potential for hospitalization is key for physicians to guide a strategy for avoiding infection and to make treatment decisions when necessary.


  • GAIN GREATER PEACE OF MIND: With so many uncertainties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, CST identifies risk regardless of strain, including the delta and omicron variants
  • IDENTIFY YOUR RISK OF DEVELOPING A SEVERE RESPONSE: With CST you can go beyond the limits of basic clinical risk factors by understanding your personal immunogenetic risk
  • INFORM PREVENTIVE LIFESTYLE DECISIONS: CST provides critical information you can apply to everyday decisions to prevent infection
  • EMPOWER VACCINATION DECISIONS: With multiple vaccine options now available, CST can help you and your HCP make a vaccination plan
  • INFORM YOUR HCP’S ASSESSMENT: In combination with your HCP’s clinical assessment, CST gives you the confidence to fully understand your level of risk



Contact CST Customer Service at 888-236-8896 (US) to learn more about how to order a test.

EpiSwitch CST may only be ordered by physicians. It is not a direct-to-patient test.

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Interpreting the EpiSwitch CST

Personalize your guidance for each patient.

The EpiSwitch CST report includes clear guidance for HCPs to interpret an adult patient’s risk score and formulate an effective management plan.

Individuals with a high-risk EpiSwitch CST score are at increased probability of experiencing a severe immune response to COVID-19. Such individuals should be counseled on their risk level and may benefit from a mitigation-strategy review to avoid infection. In the event of infection, early use of medications or other interventions are recommended.

Those at average risk should not be construed as having no risk; complications that do not require critical care are possible.

Risk results do not provide information about an individual’s risk of becoming infected. Regardless of risk results, government and local health-department guidelines must be followed to avoid transmitting the virus.

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Features of EpiSwitch CST

A validated prognostic tool for predicting a severe immune response to COVID-19.

EpiSwitch CST measures six genetic markers to determine risk category. The test was developed using epigenetic data obtained from COVID-19 patients in North America, South America, and Europe.

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Become an EpiSwitch CST testing center

Are you interested in becoming an EpiSwitch CST testing center or registered healthcare provider?

Contact EpiSwitch CST Customer Service at 888-236-8896 to open an account, request customized EpiSwitch CST Requisition Forms custom-branded for your practice, order EpiSwitch CST processing kits, or request further assistance relating to EpiSwitch CST. We look forward to speaking with you.

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