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EpiSwitch Explorer Array Kit

EpiSwitch Explorer Array Kit

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The EpiSwitch® Explorer Array Kit facilitates unbiased 3D genomic biomarker discovery and profiling for academic and clinical R&D. Simultaneously interrogates over 960,000 high-confidence chromosome conformations across the entire human genome. Compatible with Agilent SureScan Microarray Scanners.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. See the Limited Label License under Downloads for more information.

We ship to the UK, US, and Europe (EU, EEA & Switzerland). For other regions, please contact us to order the kit directly.


  • WHOLE-GENOME AT THE HIGHEST RESOLUTION: Simultaneously interrogate ~ 1M high-value data points — radically richer complexity than conventional methods
  • HIGHEST SENSITIVITY: Probes select for regulatory 3D architecture that show high reproducibility, thereby filtering noise from stochastic interactions
  • RAPID RESULTS: Sample-to-results in a few days, with a mature workflow
  • TURNKEY ANALYTICS: Low analytical overhead. Ready-to-use analytic tools & contextual integrations with no coding
  • MANY SAMPLE TYPES: Analyse blood, PBMCs or cell lines with the Kit protocol


  • Compatible with Agilent SureScan Microarray Scanners
  • Reagents provided for analysis of blood, PBMC and cell line samples
  • Adaptable to 1- or 2-color approaches based on experimental needs
  • Includes positive and negative control probes
  • Optional data analysis capabilities available through the EpiSwitch Analytical Portal


  • 1x EpiSwitch Explorer Array
  • EpiSwitch optimized 3C library prep buffer system
  • Detailed instructions for use
  • Additionally required (not provided): SureTag DNA Labeling Kit, Agilent Technologies (Product Code: 5190-3400) for fluorescent labeling of DNA, and equipment list (download “Instructions for use” for a complete list)


  • EpiSwitch Explorer Arrays are manufactured for OBD by Agilent Technologies
  • EpiSwitch buffer system components are manufactured by OBD in its ISO 13485:2016/ISO 9001:2015 certified reference facility in Oxford, UK
  • Item Weight: 0.435kg
  • Product Dimensions: L: 285mm, W: 250mm, H: 50mm


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EpiSwitch 3D gene regulation from blood

The EpiSwitch platform maps the regulatory 3D genome at scale.

Whole-body 3D gene regulation from blood

Systemic, early-stage 3D genomic regulatory changes can be captured from peripheral blood, long before the results of these epigenetic changes manifest as observable symptoms.

EpiSwitch blood-based markers have delivered highly accurate and robust predictive, prognostic, and diagnostic assays in oncology, autoimmune, neurological, and infectious disease applications.

Download the white paper
Whole 3D genome EpiSwitch Explorer Array Kit

We know where to find the drivers of 3D gene regulation.

Whole genome biomarker discovery in high-resolution

Knowing where to look dramatically simplifies the task. We encoded the EpiSwitch Array to simultaneously interrogate 1 million data points — incorporating a radically richer complexity than conventional methods.

Highest sensitivity - cuts through the noise

Built on an Agilent backbone, the EpiSwitch Array measures regulatory 3D architecture with high signal-to-noise ratio, complexity, resolution, and reproducibility, filtering out stochastic noise.

EpiSwitch Portal 3D genome analytics

End-to-end bioinformatic tools with low analytical overhead.

Low cost, rapid results

Sample-to-results in a small fraction of the cost and time of sequencing-based methods, with a mature workflow.

Meaningful data

Mapping of 3D genomic markers onto the genome provides a full context for visualization, biological interpretation, and enrichment analyses.

EpiSwitch CiRT Checkpoint inhibitor Response Test physician report

3D genomic markers translated into clinical qPCR tests.

EpiSwitch-powered qPCR assays (MIQE compliant)

OBD has a mature, end-to-end solution for EpiSwitch biomarker discovery, translation and verification of robust clinical qPCR assays. Contact us for expert industrial delivery of 3D-genomic biomarkers.

Only platform delivering commercial 3D genomic tests

The EpiSwitch Platform delivered validated, commercial products to the clinic: EpiSwitch CiRT (Checkpoint inhibitor Response Test), EpiSwitch PSE (EpiSwitch Prostate Screening test) and EpiSwitch CST (COVID Severity Test).