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Episwitch® Explorer Array Kit

  • Simultaneously interrogate over 960,000 high confidence chromosome conformations across the entire human genome using the optimised EpiSwitch® 3C protocol.
  • Compatible with Agilent® SureScan Microarray Scanners.
  • Reagents included for analysis of blood, PBMC and cell line samples.
  • Adaptable to one- or two-colour approaches based on experimental needs.
  • Design includes positive and negative control probes.
  • Optional data analysis capabilities available through the EpiSwitch® Analytical Portal.

1 Kit contains:

  • 1x EpiSwitch® Explorer Array Kit.
  • EpiSwitch® optimized 3C library prep buffer system.
  • Instructions for Use.

Item Weight: 0.435kg (0.95 lbs).

Product Dimensions: L: 285 mm (11.22 in), W: 250mm (9.84 in), H: 50 cm (1.97 in).

Additional Materials Required (not provided with the Array Kit): SureTag DNA Labeling Kit, Agilent® Technologies (Product Code: 5190-3400) for fluorescent labelling of DNA

  • EpiSwitch® Explorer arrays are manufactured for Oxford BioDynamics by Agilent Technologies®.
  • EpiSwitch® buffer system components are manufactured by Oxford BioDynamics in its ISO 13485:2016/ISO 9001:2015 certified reference facility in Oxford, UK.
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

EpiSwitch® Explorer Array Kits For R&D use only, purchase of this product is subject to the terms of a Limited Label License.

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